Stress Relief Lip Balm

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Ongoing sense of relaxation and wellbeing
 Increased mental resilience
Increased emotional endurance




    Serotonin is a brain chemical essential to mood and sleep regulation. Low levels of serotonin are correlated with anxiety.

    Research suggests that cannabinoids cause serotonin to be released more effectively. This means that serotonin production in the brain is increased and stabilized, easing the symptoms of anxiety.   



    Dopamine is a brain chemical essential to regulating mood, avoidance behaviors, and emotional reactions to stressors. Low levels of dopamine are correlated with anxiety.

    Research suggests that cannabinoids increase the amount of dopamine in the brain by preventing it's reuptake. When dopamine levels are increased, anxiety symptoms lessen.



    Noradrenaline is a brain chemical released in response to stressful stimuli. It plays an important role in the body's "Fight or Flight" response.

    Research suggests that cannabinoids regulate noradrenaline. Regulating this brain chemical in turn promotes healthy and balanced stress response. This ensures the body's response to stressors is commensurate with the danger posed. It helps prevent the nervous system from over-reacting to stress.



    GABA is responsible for inhibiting signals in the brain. It decreases restless, anxious, and irritable sensations. 

    Research suggests that cannabinoids regulate GABA production. In so doing, cannabinoids help the brain to turn off anxious alert signals and invoke a calm state.


    The hippocampus is an area of the brain that controls emotions, such as fear, pleasure, and anger. The hippocampus shrinks when you are suffering from
    anxiety and/or depression.

    Research suggests that cannabinoids effect neurogenesis (the growth and development of nervous tissue) in the hippocampus. This stimulates the brain to create new neurons, further easing anxiety-related symptoms.


    Essential oils are chosen for their ability to induce relaxation via scent inhalation. 

    Each person's physical and biochemical makeup is unique. Therefore, symptom relief varies from person to person. Effects can be substantial and rapid, or subtle and gradual.



       HOW TO USE   

    Stress Relief Lip Balm is formulated as a topical balm to be administered as needed. When applied topically to the skin, cannabinoids are absorbed through the skin’s surface. Here cannabinoids interact with nearby cannabinoid receptors. The balm should be applied liberally to maximize absorption through the skin's pores.






    General Recommended Daily Dose = as needed

     Apply to lips as needed throughout the day.